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The Middle East is comprised of 17 countries, and the West Bank, situated across western Asia and northern Africa. It is home to 371 million people. The region is beset with civil unrest, poverty, war, drought and famine.







In Syria, the U.N. estimates that more than 250,000 people have died, while other sources place the death toll at almost 500,000 with 1.2 million people injured. More than 6.3 million people are internally displaced, and 4.9 million are officially registered as refugees.

In Yemen, about 22 million people, 75 percent of the population, require humanitarian assistance.  An estimated 17.8 million are food insecure, and 8.4 million people are severely food insecure and at risk of famine. Sixteen million lack access to safe water and sanitation, and 16.4 million lack access to adequate healthcare.

In Iraq, the poverty rate increased from 19.8 percent in 2012 to an estimated 22.5 percent in 2014. Compared to the rest of the country, the unemployment rate is about twice as high in the governorates most affected by ISIS.

Sources: World Bank




The Global Impact Middle East Fund brings together three of the most respected, best-in-the-business international organizations focused on helping those in the Middle East: ANERA, Humanity & Inclusion and Refugees International.

Through this fund, you will join with millions of people to change the world by helping to provide increased access to healthcare and education, job training, women’s and youth empowerment, disaster relief, and a host of other services to those in need throughout the Middle East.

Your contributions go directly to supporting real and meaningful work to improve the lives of those living across the Middle East.


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